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How to create a mobile app for your business?

No matter what is the reason you need the mobile app for your business whether it is just an inspiring idea or a business demand you would like to know where to start.

According to statistics the total amount of mobile devices using the Internet is constantly increasing and the number of mobile applications available is also growing. The wearable are now the new group of mobile devices to enlarge the sector. However, the same statistics shows that most applications are used only once after downloading.


So, first of all, you should find a really good reason to start. Thus, the first stage is the research to gather information for further decisions. Oh, and believe, there will be a lot of them. Starting from goals, targets, area of usage, design, and requirements and much more. You should also think about how to design mobile application: outsource or develop yourself. The good news about outsource is that you can do it at any stage of application creation. Even from the very beginning, the bad news is that you are still responsible for decisions and payments.

Let turn back to decisions. It is up to you to decide either to share your app with the large audience or own it yourself restricting the usage. Do you plan to monetize it or only invest? And each such question is the  entire separate world filled with obscure rules you should discover, with secrets you should unveil, with magic you can’t explain and also somewhere there may be some dragons. Shhhh, nobody should know about dragons [speak nothing of dragons].

The other big bundle is accounted to design and user experience. You would be engaged in all those design discussions, sketching process, navigation structure building, mock-up creation. And each stage will be accompanied by testing, feedbacks, and improvements. There is supposed to be a lot of communication, talks and opinions, that may lead you somewhere you don’t predict to be. Just concentrate on your objectives. Om-mmm.

You have no chance to shy away from the technological side. You would deal with data loss protection, database caching, synchronization, server hosting questions, choose SDK, UI, and API, etc. Remember? You can outsource your project at any stage, but it is still you who is in charge and it is you who pay also.

At last, release preparations is another stage of mobile application development. All the stuff on marketplaces announcements and promotions will be your duty as well. Statistics confirm 18 weeks as the average time for native mobile application development, it means you have to think about how to implement your software to your business before head or create your app selling strategy at least in advance of 18 weeks.

Project management, of course, will stay with you. Don’t let budget issues and crisis management drive you crazy. Prepare and build your long-term vision and strategy, make plans, and if not… Just take it easy and let it go! Sometimes it is the best management tool forever.

Hope you can find a clue to the application development, if not, there is always a mobile expert team to help you lift your business.