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TOP 5 interesting facts about Android

In this article, we have collected for you some fascinating and surprising facts about the world’s most popular operating system, which is called Android. So buckle up!

Google did not invent Android

Although today the Android brand is inextricably linked to Google, very different people stood behind the origin of this operating system. The company Android Inc. was founded by a group of talented engineers (Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White) in 2003 for developing a new platform for digital cameras. However, later they decided to create an operating system for mobile phones. Google bought Android Inc. in July 2005. All employees of the company continued to work at the new company, and its name was used as a title for the new mobile operating system – Android.

The first device running on Android was made by HTC

The first ever mobile phone running on Android was released by HTC – check out some HTC phone prices online – and was called HTC Dream (in the United States – T-Mobile G1). An official presentation of the device took place in October 2008 and the price was 179$ if you bought a two-year contract from T-Mobile. Interestingly, the device had a full-size hardware keyboard, but had no standard headphone jack.

The first smart watch on Android was released by Sony Ericsson in 2010

Today we are witnessing a real boom of portable gadgets and smart watches in particular. Although the first version of the special operating system called Android Wear was introduced relatively recently – in 2014, the attempts to create a smart watch running on Android had begun much earlier. Back in 2010, the company Sony Ericsson released their LiveView watch. It connected to smart phones and was able to display information from Twitter, RSS-news, as well as control playback of media.

Microsoft makes more money on Android than Google

It is because of patents. Virtually all devices that use Android feature the technology patented at different times by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft gets royalties, the amount of which, according to analysts, surpasses even the income from their own Windows Phone operating system. And, of course, Microsoft makes more money than Google, which, as you might know, does not get any income from the spread of its OS.

Android 3 did not work on smartphones

In the history of Android, there is a version that was not designed for smartphones. The onus for its creation was on Apple’s new iPad. After Apple’s presentation in January 2010, the whole world went mad for tablets and Google had to respond, and this response was the Android 3.0 Honeycomb – the operating system, specifically designed for tablets like a Samsung tablet and so on. It also can be called the most unsuccessful version of Android: it never gained any popularity among users and was quickly replaced by the universal Ice Cream Sandwich.