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The ECC 521 is an improved version of the PGP software

Every human has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. On one side, you find people inventing new methods whereby they make the lives of people easier. On the other hand, you have the people like the hackers who infiltrate into the system and misuse the vital information of the clients. Therefore, it is up to us to take immediate steps and solve the issue as quickly as possible. Message encryption is one innovative way of doing so.

When you transact business over the internet using your smartphones, you send out a huge minefield of information out into the open. An intelligent and shrewd hacker can create great mischief whereby he can use your vital information and hack into your accounts. The present methods of encountering the threats are not particularly effective because of the improvement in the technology. You need to keep up with the times. The ECC 521 allows you this liberty.

Let us see some of the most interesting features of this security system. There are many security systems out there in the market. The Elliptical Curve Cryptography is the most advanced one of the lot. This system involves the use of a triple layer protection. You have to pass through each layer by using specialized access codes. The best part of the entire system is that you can create these codes without depending on the mobile service provider to do the same for you. This removes the third party interference out of the equation.

Hackers can gain entry into your phone using forcible means as well. They can force you to disclose your access codes and passwords using which they can enter the phone. The ECC 521 system has devised a method by which you can hoodwink your attackers. You have the facility of using the duress password. This is a special password using which you can destroy all the data on the phone within minutes. You can divulge this password to the hacker for entering the same into the system unwittingly. You can always retrieve your information from the cloud storage at any time.

In case you lose your phone, you lose all the data along with it as well. This data can fall into the wrong hands whereby you will end up as the ultimate sufferer. There is a facility in the ECC 521 system where you can enter a remote password to destruct all the data on your phone. Of course, you need a live internet connection and would need your lost phone to be online as well.

One more advantage of the ECC 521 is that it encrypts the contact list as well. You can encrypt the photos, voice messages, text messages, etc thereby making it a complete package. The PGP security lagged behind in these areas. Therefore, one can safely state that the ECC 521 is an improved version of the PGP software. In fact, it plugs all the loopholes of the PGP system. You can find the ECC in practically every Blackberry today.