The Goal of Search Engines & How They Work for Online visibility

Many people think SEO have a hidden method to promote website online. This is not 100% correct basic goal of search engine to provider searchers exactly same content they want to find.  In the internet search engine work just like distributor it provider advisement space and search results.  There are both method to promote website. Free SEO as well as paid SEO.

We can say Google is the king of all search engines. Provide most accurate relevancy on search results.

Many Search engine give bonus point to age of website and relevancy.

Search Engine crawler

Crawler is a set of program used to automatically scan website and give preference to high quality content and relevancy to rank up. Google’s main  crawler is called Googlebot.

Index in search engine

This is process to find the website on internet, if you search your domain name the website showing on top search only when your website get index.

To index the website on search engine you must submit URL to various search engine.

If we talk about famous seo company in Singapore you must keep in mind there are many agency but how can you select best one, go to website and read how they can explain you things and charges.

We also have well known seo agency in Singapore they let you know, how they work and what they work. Many people don’t know the background of SEO so agencies hide many things.

Difference between white hat and black hat SEO ?

White hat technique

In search engine optimization (SEO) white hat technique using optimization strategies properly and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

White Hat SEO techniques include using keywords and website analysis, backlinking, link building, directory, classifieds, press release, video promotion and social media to improve link popularity, and content must written for human readers.

Black hat technique

In search engine optimization (SEO) black hat SEO using aggressive SEO strategies, on this technique targeted only search engine and not a human audience, black hat does not obey search engines guidelines. Certainly this can help the website ranking but as we think for long term result this can’t work. Google can panelize this kinds of techniques.

Black hat marketing

In search engine optimization (SEO), black hat marketing is also refer to black hat SEO, quickly design a website and making aggressive links and spread all over internet and get ranking quicker.

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